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TeamWorkPM Free Project Management Software Deal
Free Project Management Software Deal
Freelancing, or running their own business? This deal from TeamWork PM software is unbelievable.  TeamWork is the software infrastructure my companies thrive on. It manages tasks, client communications, time tracking, invoicing and customer service.  It’s known as the ‘Basecamp killer’, and believe me, it does that and more.  We’ve been using it for over 5 years, and our clients LOVE it. Now they are offering a full 1 year trial for new companies.  What a win, you’d be crazy not to take this up!


TeamWork Project Manager & Support Tickets Overview


What it does
Teamwork is built into 3 products that all integrate together, everything you need to grow, manage and scale a business.


Project manager that co-ordiantes all your projects, staff, files and client communications. This is the central piece empowering any freelancer or agency to scale.

What makes TeamWork essential, is that you centralise everything. Storing all files, communications and actions, alows you to grow your business.   Believe me, as the years tick by, it saves your bacon.
Countless are the times a client arguement has been resolved by quickly showing the client exactly when they requested something… it’s a lifesaver.


TeamWork Desk

A fully integrated customer ticket system, client portal and FAQ.  This system is slick, empowering your customers to submit their own support tickets. Then communicating that to your team, so they can quickly solve the issue.
Our agency works across many timezones, and the functionality to stop support staff clashing on tickets is phenomenal.  On top of this, tasks are pushed into TeamWorkPM directly, so you can control everything centrally… no moving parts!


TeamWork Chat
Similar to Slack or Skype. This free chat system is for talking about individual projects (internally) with your team.  It keeps everything in a single place, organised and centralised.  It’s just a little value add, but a nifty one.


TeamWork Time Tracker
If you are working on projects, you should be tracking your time.  Our team track their time with this fancy app. It logs straight into the central portal, against the tasks they were working on.  It light weight and super easy.


To write a list of all the reasons we love TeamWork would take a lifetime. Suffice to say, it’s an incredible bit of software that I absolutely stand behind.  Jump online and read some reviews, you will see just how many agencies are powered by them.

If you are a new business, less than 2 years old, you can get it for free for a year.  That’s a brilliant trial period, letting you gain some scale without the burden of cost. Click this link and apply today: 1 Year Free TeamWork PM Deal




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